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Monday, April 19, 2010

LP: Ampatuan backing shows Villar’s ‘true colors’

Liberal Party candidates Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Manuel “Mar” Roxas II are elated that Unsay Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. has finally shown his “true colors.”

Aquino and Roxas were referring to Ampatuan’s admission that he was backing the presidential bid of Nacionalista Party Manuel “Manny” Villar and one of his senatorial candidates Gilbert Remulla (a brother-in-law of Ampatuan counsel Sigfrid Fortun).

Ampatuan proudly wore orange and purple baller IDs of Villar and Remulla respectively.

Aquino said Ampatuan and Villar probably understood each other more.

Roxas said the alliance between one of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s most loyal allies and Villar was another proof of the “Villaroyo” conspiracy.

“It speaks for itself, volumes in fact,” he said referring to Ampatuan who was being charged for the murder of 57 individuals last November in his home turf of Maguindanao.

LP senatorial bet Dr. Martin Bautista sounded off his concerns on the impact of Ampatuan’s support for Villar on his multiple murder case.

“If Villar becomes president, how will this arrangement affect the ongoing investigation of the Maguindanao massacre? Does this mean the victims will be deprived of justice?” he said.

Meanwhile, Villar has started to distance himself from Ampatuan.

He said he had no control over the distribution of his campaign materials, including the orange wristbands.

“I don’t give out baller IDs,” Villar said Friday, in an ambush interview in Dagupan City.

The senator said it was unfair to blame him for something he was not involved in. “They are trying to make a big issue out of it.”

“I haven’t talked to anyone of them,” Villar said, referring to members of the powerful Ampatuan clan implicated in the Maguindanao massacre. “We haven’t talked … and I have no plans of talking with them.”

He said the rival LP had just found another issue to divert attention from the continued exodus of former economic managers of President Arroyo to the NP camp.

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  1. Ano ito? Black propaganda nanaman ng Gloriaquino? Ang totoo, si AMPATUAN, Tuta ni gloria, ngayon, ang mga AQUINO at ARROYO, nagtakipan sa HACIENDA LUISITA MASSACRE, SCTEX, PAGPAPATALSIK KAY ERAP, AT SA HELLO GARCI ISYU(Allies yan mga yan). Ngayon, ang gusto ng gloriaquino, hilahin ni AMPATUAN si VILLAR by giving his support KUNO kay villar dahil alam ng gloriaquino na ayaw na ayaw ng TAONG BAYAN sa mga ampatuan. So, ibalik ko lang sinasabi nila ha, pag nanalo si aquino, LAYA SI AMPATUAN, SPEAKER PA SI GLORIA. Truth hurts? yan ang totoo.